Fables, Vol. 2: The Devices of Men

by The Fabulists

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Mockumentary 04:58
Doomscroll down your insta feed Leave a like with a 2020 energy You know by now it doesn't make it untrue So roll your eyes all you want to (and you want to) Find a story, feast your eyes A narcissist, a billionaire, someone to despise An act of god, dirty politics The schadenfreude junkie needs another fix Feel the appeal An ego ideal Seductive, surreal Swipe it away Miracle play On New Year’s Day Badly-scripted memories A mockumentary Your lines in ink smudged on your wrist Waiting for the unexpected plot twist Another calendar Christmas gift This token in your mind can bring a seismic shift A symbolic turning of the page Sunny landscape light on this dark age Stick your fingers in your ears Panacea in this change of years Welcome to the twenty-first century Living in this mockumentary
Fugue state 04:10
“Do you remember all your dreams, babe?" You say say as you roll your next cigarette I blink, "Not even dreams from last night" You draw a breath, tell me "I can't forget" The sun is sinking in the west now Feel that surrender in the haze of twilight And our senses overwhelmed by Familiar scents and sounds of our night Fugue state Eyes close in seamless escape Mind games Welcome the open embrace Fugue state Eyes close in seamless escape Come stay Come stay Away in this state There swims that siren 'bove your bed head The sparkling blue and green night sky of Chagall And when you tell me that you're off to fade away Can't help but wonder if you're irl "In between there is a river Come on and push me in the water Let me float beneath the current I am the daughter of the river"
The Mountain 04:35
This child, these children will not go away At least that's the hope as I end my days With their gaze as I fade Drift into haze and contemplate The mountain... For this is no hole that we have dug No trap we have set and wait to be sprung Our lives are in no way undone Now we are made, reborn, we live as one The mountain... King of the castle, Queen of the land These towers we've built are made of dirt and of sand The girl turned woman, boy became man The sea turned to land and then we saw The mountain... This child, these children will not go away Yeah that's the hope to the end of my days
Caravan 05:34
There’s a caravan At the side of the road Heart-strong Bearing our load (Got the) good frying pan Coffee machine Your turtleneck sweater My polypropylene Head into the sunlight Reflected by the moonrise Caravan Wheels on the road Caravan Love on the road Follow We do not mind Meander the asphalt paths Cars are backed up behind White line Ticks, flicks past our eyes More miles Means more civilised Head into your sunlight Reflected by my moonrise Chorus In the shadow of mountains River beside We scan the horizon A map in the sky Hum of the wheels that spin Rhythm immersed We are the centre Of this universe
Poor wretch, mortal flesh Knife's edge all too keen Shake me, break me Circle round again Break the surface Rise up to submerge Wash myself clean System is purged As I end the cycle Last farewell my friend Complete the circle Take me to the end Full bloom, scent of perfume Done with holding my breath Scars fade but this broken blade Grasped in my hand -- life giving death can End the cycle Last farewell my friend Complete the circle Take me to the end Poor fools -- me and you At least I've broken the chain But you're doomed, power consumed Because you're unable to End the cycle Last farewell my friend Complete the circle Take me to the end
The temperature's rising Hotter than the sun Donnie wants to party He says, "Babe, invite everyone" And so they all gather Bleed the night till it falls Twist and shout, give me shelter Bleed the night till it falls Now a strange moon is rising Bathe the world in grey light Donnie rocks like a baby 'til he feels out of sight But the guests have started leaving The drugs turn their tongues numb And Donnie's a little queasy The drugs turn his tongue numb We're all right Tonight Tonight we are right Well a new day is sliding It gathers pace like a ball The little one's started crying At the mess down the hall Donnie's lying spread-eagled His eyes fill with a haze "Go get me a drink, girl" His eyes filled with the haze We're all right Tonight Tonight we are right Donnie's girl is gliding through the crowd like a train Turns her back to them all He won't see her again It's raining in her heart, it's raining in her soul That fuck ruined another party It's raining in her soul
The words of one so young stand poignant as a sigh He looks down and scribbles out line after crooked line And so the letters fall Plenty to fill the page Dark light grey between Such wisdom despite his age Last year came the cry that God did not exist He said "Look to the stars and embrace galactic drifts" Hold on to me, we'll defy gravity Hold on to me, yeah one and one sometimes make three And I am lost in the blaze of your star
My timing is off I feel it I can’t stop or recommence I’m on the fence So afraid I’ll fall My timing is off I hear it The polite cough, 16th note sense She came and went Saw through it all My timing is off They feel it In every drop before the bridge Notes no longer hit Heed T-Pain’s call My timing is off But I still sing Yeah I’m the king Bearing gifts and bling For your cause break down any wall And my life is cut in splices And I’m left to my own devices Where’s the one, hit the one, rattle hum, looking for for it


In the continuing fables of the Fabulists: Troy bought a device and discovered synth bass lines. Kai has a sister now. And Ray kept rocking.


released June 17, 2021


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The Fabulists Dunedin, New Zealand

The Fable brothers, Ray, Troy and Kai. Weavers of tales, loops, beats and songcraft. Alt-funk-indie-rock.

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